TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneurs)

TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) is a Global program by TiE, aimed at fostering the future generation of entrepreneurs. TYE offers structured coaching and mentoring platforms to high school students to help them discover the rewards and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur.

Since the inception of TYE in 2005, over 5000 students have participated in the program from over 100 local schools globally.

The core objectives of the program are
1) To provide an opportunity for high school students to learn the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship
2) To teach fundamental skills of entrepreneurship, of building and running a business
3) To promote qualities of risk-taking, leadership skills and innovation
4) To instill skills and traits of a successful entrepreneur in high school teens
5) To provide life lessons that are essential in any walk of life: such as taking ownership, building alliances, seeking help and applying feedback, motivating a team, and working through challenging situations that arise while starting a new business


Participants must be 9th -12th grade students with an exceptional start-up idea from the Tri-State area (including NY, NJ, CT). Student selected for the program should have the mindset of a budding entrepreneur and innovator, will be willing and open to learn, coachable and collaborative.
The top shortlisted applicants, with exceptional start-up ideas will be mentored and coached, to fine-tune their ideas, modeling and refining their business plan, build rapid-fire prototype, test run and finally polish their pitches to be ready to pitch in front of renowned Juries and an audience, composed of successful founders, CEOs, Investors, service providers and a supportive tech/entrepreneurial community.

Due to COVID 19 situation, all mentoring workshops and educational classrooms including the pitch competition will be conducted virtually.

All participating candidates, will receive TiE New York’s certificate of completion. The top three candidates will be eligible for additional mentorship and guidance and be able to join TYE global pitch competition to win $10,000 prize money.

All participating students are required to become student members of their respective TiE chapters conducting the TYE Program.

TiE Members and Charter Members who are passionate about education, teaching and startup mentorship get involved to mentor students. Non-chapter Guests are also invited as Speakers and Mentors. Many TYE graduates or alumni volunteer to mentor new batch of students, and come back to speak about their TYE journey and how TYE impacted them – with their entrepreneurial and leadership initiatives, college preparedness, self-confidence, etc.


First Phase 

  1. Intro to Entrepreneurship
  2. Bugs, Passions, Solutions
  3. Customer Empathy, Design Thinking
  4. Rapid Prototyping
  5. Skill Assessment, Team Building
  6. Startup Math
  7. Lean Canvas Business Model
  8. Presentation Skills


Second Phase

  1. Human Centered Design
  2. Customer Validation
  3. Product Development
  4. Business Model
  5. Lean Canvas
  6. Presentation Preparation


All submissions will be reviewed by a select group of Juries chosen by TiE New York’s Board. Selection will be based on the following key criteria:

  1. Originality of the start-up Ideas
  2. Its impact on the society
  3. Overall presentation and clarity of thoughts and purpose

Juries will shortlist up to a maximum of Top 30 candidates, who are required to present their ideas to the Juries virtually. The Jury may shortlist up to 20 candidates, who are required to attend at least 10 TYE Structured programing classes online to graduate from TYE. On graduation young entrepreneurs will be invited to pitch in the TYE pitch competition and be awarded certificate of completions.


Students are required to submit the online Registration Form along with the Presentation slide deck (PPT) to TiE NewYork.

Last date for submission of application: by November 14, 2020


Pinaki Dasgupta is a visionary entrepreneur and passionate advocate of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology transforming healthcare. A former Accenture Partner, Pinaki has founded Hindsait in 2013 to prevent unnecessary health services, errors, and wastages.

Under Pinaki’s leadership, Hindsait’s AI technology platform has been adopted by leading Fortune 500 healthcare organizations across USA. Hindsait has received multiple accolades and recognitions including prestigious Gartner’s “Cool vendor in AI in Healthcare 2017” and “Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider 2018” by Healthcare Tech Outlook.

Pinaki has appeared on panels and participated in various speaking engagements in leading industry events, conferences across globe. He serves as a Board Member in TiE New York and co-chairs TiE’s flagship programming- Open Mic Night (OMN), and TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE).

In his free time, Pinaki is a sculptor and his creations have been exhibited in multiple exhibitions in Tri-State areas and a select few have been commissioned in Philippines, India, and California in private collections.


Manjusha is a  global fin-tech executive with over 28 years of experience in scaling disruptive technology businesses. As a member of the promoting team of MillenniumIT she was  personally responsible for defining and executing the strategy of making MillenniumIT a global brand from small start-up through multi geography expansion and assisting its acquisition by the London Stock Exchange Group. Equally adept in startup and global brand environments, she has led numerous projects involving migration of complex integrated technology while leading culturally diverse teams across Asia, South and North America. She has built a career on a keen understanding of the intersection of financial services domain and technology with a proven track record of overachieving targets. She has invested in building long term strategic relationships with clients that consistently result in igh levels of satisfaction and business growth.


We aim to empower the next generation of companies and entrepreneurs with a sense of purpose and community.


By fostering community among entrepreneurs, we believe we can empower individuals to create economic growth and vibrant careers through building innovative businesses.


We believe that giving ahead of taking creates long term success. Our Members give their advice, time and experiences for a common cause that proliferates personal and professional growth and generates a feeling of fulfillment.