Avantika Daing

Currently a partner at Plum Alley, an investment platform focused on investing in gender diverse founding teams and raising the equity bar for investor. Having scaled teams and businesses to billion+ dollar valuations and a successful IPO (NASDAQ), respectively, she brings operation, growth and investment leadership for private and public companies across health care and technology. Her diverse background across early stage, growth and a public exit provides Plum Alley a unique perspective during deal sourcing, evaluation and strategic direction. As a founder of a cross border SaaS company, early team member of a first to market biotech product and as an executive in unicorn companies she has expertise focusing on analytics, proprietary modeling and growth strategies in venture backed companies. Her domain knowledge spans healthcare, CPG, HCM, Foodtech and market places. She is active in the startup ecosystem in New York, San Francisco, London and India and is a TEDx speaker.