TiE New York's Code of Conduct

In TiE New York’s pursuit of building strong community, we have established a code of conduct that all members are expected to uphold.

Integrity of our organization and the respect by and among our members are paramount to our long-term success

TiE is an international organization of leading entrepreneurs that provides exclusive peer-to-peer and event-driven learning and networking community. The integrity of our organization and the respect by and among our members are paramount to our long-term success. As such, confidentiality, courtesy and accountability are the cornerstones of the conduct we expect from our members, and all who interact with our organization.

Each member, vendor and sponsor pledges to adhere to the following code:

Mutual respect for the confidentiality and integrity of the individuals and the companies involved, please be transparent about conflicts and steer clear of anything that is close to gray areas in the legal or moral code.

Follow good Samaritan policies and the simple rule that is an environment to share and give (not take), specially the spirit of non-solicitation – understand and acknowledge our members’ ability to attend events and interact with each other in a safe and relaxed environment.

Maintain exemplary standards of professional conduct and high ethical standards in the operation of your venture.

Strive to always understand and fulfill my obligations to the organization and commitments you have made on a timely and productive basis, undertakings to volunteer in connection with events.

Maintain standards of professionalism and courtesy in any interaction with staff, sponsors, other volunteers in all communications, respect for their intellectual property as well as recognizing the importance of their reputation and character. Understand that verbal abuse of staff against fellow members or staff will not be tolerated and may be grounds for expulsion.

We appreciate your efforts to honor this policy. Failure to act in a professional manner at events or with members could lead to lack of renewal of membership and/or termination of membership with no refund.  Please always feel free to send your feedback, thoughts and ideas directly to the Board of Directors.

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