TiE New York offers three types of memberships: 1) Charter Members, 2) Members and 3) Student Members.

Charter Members pay the highest rates, currently $1250/year as they are successful entrepreneurs, investors or service providers who are helping to support our community of members financially as well as through their time and leadership.  Charter Memberships are by invitation-only.

Members are primarily founders of scaleable startups as well as investors and service providers that find our organization through social media.

Student members are those in college or graduate school that are looking to learn about starting businesses and about business in general.

All member types are asked to volunteer.  Our volunteers ARE our members of all types.


TiE is known for mentoring education and networking to help entrepreneurs and those starting new business. Everyday, someone is mentored through the TiE ecosystem and guided to achieve new heights. Besides creating wealth, the organization also works to alleviate poverty and unemployment by fostering entrepreneurship worldwide.


TiE event attendees span the spectrum from successful founders of mature companies, entrepreneurs creating new companies, professionals from major corporations with industry expertise, leading venture capital firms to thought leaders to senior executives and technology professionals.


Numerous start-ups have received funding through TiE Angel groups and our network of angel investors. TiE’s success is a result of members  helping to connect each other and help start-ups in our community grow faster.