TiE New York hosts a Pitch Competition twice a year. Finalists get the opportunity to pitch to a room full of investors and other entrepreneurs. We run this Pitch Competition in the context of our Angel Investing program.  Many of our Charter Members are active angel investors and advisors to startups in New York and around the world.

Judges for our Spring Pitch Competition include well-known NY-based venture capitalists and members of the New York startup scene including Google Cloud’s Startup Lead for NY, Tejpaul Bhatia.

If an individual company can garner $100k in investment from the Charter Members in our New York chapter, then we will nominate the startup to pitch on the TiE Global Angels platform. This gives them the opportunity to pitch their companies to 15,000 Charter Members from all 61 chapters in the TiE network around the world.

The Winner from our November 2018 Pitch Competition, a company called Vectorly.io, executed a pre-seed round in the Spring of 2019 with a significant portion of the proceeds coming from TiE NY Charter Member investors they met at our event.

In addition to the opportunity to meet active angel investors, our sponsor Google Cloud offers Google Cloud credits for all the finalists, including $100k for the winning company.

Our next Pitch Competition will take place in spring 2020. watch this space for details.


Allison Williams

Director of NVP Labs, Newark Venture Partners


TiE Global

Alicia Syrett

CEO, Pantegrion Capital, LLC


Managing Partner, HOF Capital

Loreta McCarthy

Managing Partner, Golden Seeds

Tejpaul Bhatia

NY Startup Program Lead, Google Cloud



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Google Cloud

Grant Thornton



“I completely went to the Pitch Competition on a whim, after a member of my investment circle forwarded the information to me, believing that we could find some good candidates..and I’m truly glad I did! I needed that shot of energy and passion, really reminded me of why I first became an entrepreneur. Keep up the great work, I’ll be coming to future events!” ~ Carlota Z, Angel Investor

“My mentor, generously took the time to review our pitch and offer his feedback.  We constantly work to hone our message around Geopipe’s innovations and value propositions, and his feedback was a constructive addition to this process.”  ~ Christopher Mitchell, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder, Geopipe

“Becoming a member and applying for the 2018 Pitch Competition has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my startup career.  I’m glad for the support of TiE New York.” ~ Sam Bhattacharyya, Co-Founder & CEO Vectorly

“I think the Pitch Competition will be a GO TO event in NY as time goes by.” ~ Seth Rao, Charter Member

I have been a Charter Member with TiE New York for 16 years. So I have attended a few events you could say. What I saw yesterday at the Pitch Competition was the ball flying out of the park. Some TiECons a decade ago were good, but nothing captures the NY moment in the way yesterday’s event did. We have 8 million people and the attendance, the variety and content was finally what TiE NY should be able to do.”  ~ Tariq Khan, TiE Global Board of Directors

“The 2018 Pitch Competition was the best TiE New York event I’ve ever attended in the last 15 years.” ~ Sab Kanujia, Dia Ventures