TiE New York is excited to open applications for its Women & Minority Founders Pitch Competition being held on September 14, 2023 in New York!

You don’t want to miss this opportunity! Five startups will be selected to pitch to a curated audience of potential investors from the TiE NY community.

You can use this form to apply to be one of those five startups.

Apply before July 20, 2023.

TiE New York is now accepting applications from startups founded or cofounded by
WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS for TiE Women 2023 Global Pitch Competition

– Woman co-founder must be majority/equal founder.

– Companies registered on or after Jan 1, 2016, are eligible to apply.

Reasons to participate:-

— Get access to TiE NY investors and mentors.

— Network with likeminded entrepreneurs.

—  The winner of the New York chapter finals will represent the chapter at TiE Global Summit 2023 in Singapore and compete with the other chapter finalists for a $50,000 cash prize.

The NY chapter finals will be held on September 14, 2023, at 6.30 pm.

Apply before July 20, 2023

Click here to apply :

Sponsored by Bank of America.


The TiE New York Pitch Competition allows founders to pitch to a room full of investors and other entrepreneurs. The TiE NY Pitch Competition in the context of the chapter’s Angel Investing program, TiE New York Angels.

TiE New York typically hosts 2 pitch competition events in a given year, one is TIE women pitch competition and other one is general pitch competition.

We select five startup finalists from all the applicants: a diverse group of entrepreneurs, some early stage and some late-stage companies from multiple different industries. Applicants are judged on the following criteria:

    1. Value created by the new product/services.
    2. Attractiveness of the market opportunity globally
    3. Competitive advantage of the proposed venture.
    4. Operational and technology viability.
    5. Capability of the management team.
    6. Raise and exit strategy – please feel free to ask for this during the Q & A if it is not part of the presentation.
    7. Strength of the oratory and PowerPoint presentation.


Any individual company that receives $100,000 in investment from the Charter Members in the New York chapter will be nominated to pitch on the TiE Global Angels platform. The global platform gives startups the opportunity to pitch to 15,000 Charter Members from all 57 chapters in the TiE network around the world.

The 2023 event dates will be released soon with all details to apply. To learn more about the TiE Pitch Competition and other events, sign up for our mailing list


Allison Williams

Director of NVP Labs, Newark Venture Partners


Nitin Rai

TiE Global


Alicia Syrett

CEO, Pantegrion Capital, LLC

alicia syrett

David Teten

Managing Partner, HOF Capital

david teten 300 by 300

Managing Partner, Golden Seeds

loretta mccarthy

NY Startup Program Lead, Google Cloud



Richa Naujoks

Richa Naujoks
Secretary, TiE New York

Chris Hollinger

Chris Hollinger
Treasurer, TiE New York


Roselia St. Louis
Charter Member

Dheerja Arora

Dheerja Arora 
Charter Member

Dharti Desai

Dharti Desai
TiE Global Women Lead Board Member TiE NY, TiE Global Board of Trustees


“I completely went to the Pitch Competition on a whim, after a member of my investment circle forwarded the information to me, believing that we could find some good candidates..and I’m truly glad I did! I needed that shot of energy and passion, really reminded me of why I first became an entrepreneur. Keep up the great work, I’ll be coming to future events!” ~ Carlota Z, Angel Investor

“My mentor, generously took the time to review our pitch and offer his feedback.  We constantly work to hone our message around Geopipe’s innovations and value propositions, and his feedback was a constructive addition to this process.”  ~ Christopher Mitchell, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder, Geopipe

“Becoming a member and applying for the 2018 Pitch Competition has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my startup career.  I’m glad for the support of TiE New York.” ~ Sam Bhattacharyya, Co-Founder & CEO Vectorly

“I think the Pitch Competition will be a GO TO event in NY as time goes by.” ~ Seth Rao, Charter Member

I have been a Charter Member with TiE New York for 16 years. So I have attended a few events you could say. What I saw yesterday at the Pitch Competition was the ball flying out of the park. Some TiECons a decade ago were good, but nothing captures the NY moment in the way yesterday’s event did. We have 8 million people and the attendance, the variety and content was finally what TiE NY should be able to do.”  ~ Tariq Khan, TiE Global Board of Directors

“The 2018 Pitch Competition was the best TiE New York event I’ve ever attended in the last 15 years.” ~ Sab Kanujia, Dia Ventures