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TiE New York hosts a Pitch Competition twice a year.  Founders are invited to apply online as well as practice pitching at our monthly startup open mic nights.

Finalists are matched with a Team Champion, a TiE community member with experience helping companies go to market.  The Team Champion helps coach their team to win through perfecting their pitch and providing feedback on their pitch deck.

While founders in the Tri-State area are invited to apply, TiE New York members can take advantage of our member match mentoring program to refine their business model if they are considering applying.   To be on the list to receive updates on our pitch competition, and more, please join TiE New York or sign up for our newsletter if you are not already a member.

Watch this space for applications to open for the next Google Cloud sponsored Pitch Competition in May 2019.


Over 200 Registrations & more than 75 investors at TiE New York’s Pitch Competition on November 5. Congratulations to Vectorly, who came out of MIT lab, on winning 100k Google Cloud credits and to Token for its runner-up position. Vectorly had pitched at Open Mic Night where they first heard about the Pitch Competition and applied. They were 1 of the final 7 selected. All 7 finalists went through mentoring with their team champions (Charter members) and perfected their pitch for the big night. Anuvab Pal engaged the audience with his wit while the shark judges (Loretta McCarthy, David Teten and Tejpaul Bhatia) grilled the Founders who answered all questions with total confidence and passion.

Links below for all 7 finalists plus 1 runner up:

Abe’s Meats
Mining Rent


Tariq K (TiE NY Charter Member & past President)

I have been CM with TiE NY since 16 years. So I have attended a few events you could say. What I saw yesterday was the ball flying out of the park. Some Tie cons a decade ago were good, but nothing captures the NY moment in the way yesterday’s event did. We have 8 million people and the attendance, the variety and content was finally what TiE NY should be able to do.

Seth R (TiE NY Charter Member)

I was somewhat skeptical at first when I was approached to join TIE NY. However it has exceeded my expectations. Congratulations. I think it will be a GO TO event as time goes by.

Carlota Z

I completely went on a whim, after a member of my investment circle forwarded the information to me, believing
that we could find some good candidates..and I’m truly glad I did! I needed that shot of energy & passion, really reminded me of why I first became an entrepreneur. Keep up the great work, I’ll be coming to future events!

Sab K (TiE NY Charter Member)

The best TiE NY event I’ve ever attended in the last 15 years.


David Teten

Managing Partner, HOF Capital

David Teten is a Managing Partner with HOF Capital and Founder of Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York, the largest angel group on the East Coast.

Loretta McCarthy

Managing Partner, Golden Seeds

She is responsible for the Golden Seeds angel network nationwide, including member cultivation, orientation and engagement.

Tejpaul Bhatia

NY Startup Program Lead, Google Cloud

Tejpaul Bhatia is the NY Startup Program Lead for Google Cloud. He was most recently an Entrepreneur in Residence at Citi Ventures. His most recent startup post was as COO for Explain Everything, an interactive screen casting whiteboard app.

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