InspirAve Named “Top FinTech Forward Company To Watch” by AMERICAN BANKER and BAI, InSpirAVE’s social e-commerce platform inspires people to multiply their savings and achieve large purchase goals. Our patent-pending technology combines the best savings from merchants and banks, with support from friends and family to place big purchases within reach, without debt… informed by the InSpirAVE Team’s track-record across retail, e-commerce, and financial technology.
At a time when 30% of purchases are regretted and ½ live paycheck-to-paycheck, InSpirAVE’s empowers users to make responsible purchase decisions and personalized plans to ‘save more, faster’.

BUDDI HEALTH is a disruptive, military grade secure, HIPAA compliant ‘Deep Learning’ based cloud platform focused in automating revenue cycle functions such as medical coding & billing for the Healthcare Providers, medical billing and coding vendors of all sizes. We are a health-tech focused artificial intelligence based algorithmic company based off New York City and have a cloud partnership with Microsoft for HIPAA compliance, PHI security and for scaling technology & business on Azure. We have developed a next generation revenue cycle platform to enable our provider clients to increase productivity, improve reimbursements, and improve efficiency and help providers focus more on quality care.

MugShot Beverages

Hot coffee in a can from a vending machine. Who ever thought? Hot canned coffee has been around since 1969 in Asia. During a trip to Japan visiting his son, MugShot’s Founder saw this abundance of hot canned coffee vending machines and wondered “why isn’t this available in the US?”

MugShot was launched with a mission to ensure consistently great tasting coffee and tea was always available. We designed vending machines and hot cases to serve hot beverages so that each product is ready to drink at that perfect temperature. To ensure our coffees and teas excited discerning American taste buds, we worked with leading flavor scientists and coffee experts, and sourced the world’s finest coffee beans and tea leaves. We carefully crafted each flavor to deliver the ‘fresh brewed taste’ that a real coffee or tea drinker loves. Because let’s face it, life happens fast. Sometimes there’s no time to wait for a great tasting cup of coffee or tea. Now you don’t have to.

The Avocado cloud gives healthy eating professionals and their clients a robust set of tools at their fingertips. Professionals can easily track their clients’ progress, create individualized dietary plans and menus, and carry out all their administrative functions in a pleasant way within the Avocado cloud. Client-users access the Avocado App to interact with a community of professionals, and to help them to purchase healthy food and products.

JeanMartin is a global digital transformation company providing marketing analytics service,  IT software development and product engineering. Since our inception in 1997, we have been delivering measurable business value to our Fortune 500 and SME clients by helping them see what’s ahead, accelerate innovation, transform their business, optimize their IT spend and improve their operational efficiency.  Our optimized global delivery model, combined with reusable components, helps our customers lower the Total Cost of Ownership and reduce the time to market without compromising on the quality of their business objectives.

EventMate is a mobile app that is the only end-to-end solution for events. It encompasses all aspects of events from ticketing, networking, and Q&A in one seamless app. It also allows attendees to pre-plan their meetings before going to events through swiping, matching, and messaging to make all their events as efficient as possible.

Crave.Social: We’re here to make people Crave your restaurant on social media.  We don’t just post daily on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We gradually build your social media empire.  Unlike a restaurant, we happily reveal our special ingredients – food photographers, food influencers and world-class graphic designers. Like your head chef, our strategists prepare our star dishes – engagement and virality.

Let the world hear how great you are. Raviate posts your customer’s raves on your website, social media, SEO and on your staff/agents’ social profiles too!

SCAA the most cost effective high-performance unique “All-In-One” platform for assignment workflow management. SCAA Auction Platform for vehicles & parts designed for salvage yards, insurance companies, used car dealers & consumers empower them to perform auto trading and enables them to increase their ROI by typically 30%.  SCAA enables salvage customers to schedule and run their own auctions over the internet and reach out to worldwide customers.
SCAA features thousands of vehicles & parts and its efficient search engine enables buyers to search the inventory and instantly bid on it.