GoKid provides schools, teams and active families with a powerful tool to manage day-to-day schedules. Today there is no easy way to organize kids’ carpools. Our mobile app integrates key technologies that easily facilitate carpool management.

The app includes GPS-based tracking of cars, live mapping functionality, in-app texting, and automatic alerts. This app addresses the parents and caregivers of the 50 million school children in the US.

Geopipe uses machine learning to build immersive, expansive virtual copies of the real world. Professionals across many verticals slowly, manually build these models to visualize, modify, simulate, and interact with the real world in virtual space. Geopipe’s product understands the world from raw sensor data, producing instant rich, customizable models of real cities for any customer, starting with training simulation, gaming, and architecture.

Meet Token, the anti-fraud card.  Users can pay for anything, anywhere without using their credit or debit card to avoid fraud.  To avoid online fraud users use the Token app or browser extension to instantly generate a “card-per-online store” that is locked to one store and can’t be used anywhere else. It’s accepted everywhere in the world and available now for free in App Store and Google Play.  In stores our physical card uses a different card number every time you swipe or tap it.

OpticSurg is creating an Augmented Reality software platform that surgeons can use in real time to do their jobs better, minimize complications, and save lives.

With its technology, the Company seeks to capitalize on the intersection of the lucrative medical device and augmented reality markets.

Frequency is a market network for audio advertising connecting all of the parties involved with audio (publishers, brands, vendors) improving communication, production of ad creative, management of ad creative, and making it easier for advertisers to purchase and run engaging campaigns.

Whether in the car, on TV, desktop or mobile, we provide personalized audio to match the user’s demographic and psychographic information enabled for programmatic ad serving.

We are a data center service for cryptocurrency mining. We validate transactions on the blockchain with specialized Rigs.  Our validators, the Miners, are rewarded with coins for this service.  We are the only marketplace where genuine buyers and sellers trade. Which means you can rent mining from us for 50% less than our peers.  Business is lost when transactions are delayed.  We pride ourselves on responsive service – our resolutions take just hours, not days.  And we give you a phone number so you can speak with a real person when you need.

Our datacenter stands ready to buy/sell mining capacity to smooth spikes caused by demand/supply imbalances and we offer attractive electricity rates and a healthy cold climate.

Vectorly uses patented vector technology to improve visual quality and reduce file size of geometric (non real-life) videos by 2x-10x.  Our vector compression technology is most effective on geometric videos such as slide lectures, screencasts and animations. Basically anything that isn’t real-life video.  Compress unlimited videos free today with Vectorly.

Abe’s Meats offers the first-ever Interfaith Meat products that are both Zabihah Halal and Glatt Kosher.  We are on a mission to make high-quality religious foods more accessible, nutritious and delicious for all. 

We are a food venture premiering many industry firsts. The first social enterprise that combined thousands of years of dietary laws to coin “Interfaith Meat” is also the first meat company to openly promote consuming less, better meat. Why?  While our sustainable meats are from ranchers who practice regenerative agriculture techniques to sequester carbon and build carbon soil (to tackle climate change), no food can be sustainable if it is over-consumed. Whether it’s quinoa or coffee, let’s consume responsibly.

BLEND is a media company that seeks to connect the world.  We were born out of the desire of sharing stories to connect lives. We believe that all perspective matters. That all people matter.

Our goal is to inform, empower and unite the world with the voices of our people.

BLEND produces content that challenges the status quo. We aim to become a leader of innovation in this new digital age by redefining old-media models while conserving the highest level of journalistic standards.

We are committed to covering the most important stories of our times as well as shedding light on issues that are often overlooked by mainstream media.

InspirAve Named “Top FinTech Forward Company To Watch” by AMERICAN BANKER and BAI, InSpirAVE’s social e-commerce platform inspires people to multiply their savings and achieve large purchase goals. Our patent-pending technology combines the best savings from merchants and banks, with support from friends and family to place big purchases within reach, without debt… informed by the InSpirAVE Team’s track-record across retail, e-commerce, and financial technology.
At a time when 30% of purchases are regretted and ½ live paycheck-to-paycheck, InSpirAVE’s empowers users to make responsible purchase decisions and personalized plans to ‘save more, faster’.

BUDDI HEALTH is a disruptive, military grade secure, HIPAA compliant ‘Deep Learning’ based cloud platform focused in automating revenue cycle functions such as medical coding & billing for the Healthcare Providers, medical billing and coding vendors of all sizes. We are a health-tech focused artificial intelligence based algorithmic company based off New York City and have a cloud partnership with Microsoft for HIPAA compliance, PHI security and for scaling technology & business on Azure. We have developed a next generation revenue cycle platform to enable our provider clients to increase productivity, improve reimbursements, and improve efficiency and help providers focus more on quality care. (formerly, is the largest one stop online Indian shopping bazaar based in the US. The website is an Indian Marketplace and focuses on promoting desi (South Asian) products mainly India by bringing all local stores together. Visiting this portal is like going to a local bazaar in India, but with the convenience of doing it from your home or office. You can buy retail or wholesale from many different sellers and still complete your entire purchase in one checkout process (instead of having to pay each individual shop separately).