Rahul Shroff

Rahul Shroff is TiE New York’s Technical Consultant. He is also a Product Manager for a gaming startup, Mogul Mummies in New York City. His past experience includes digital marketing and technology working with ionic6, NYU, Ruckus Marketing and Digital Republik.

Rahul enjoys looking at tech products from the perspective of what they can “be”, rather than what they “are”. Philosophically, he looks at life as a set of variables that need to be analyzed & aligned to a common goal, similar to the orchestration of multi-disciplinary teams, around a singular theme. Strumming his guitar is his idea of meditation, with each musical note being a variable that sits on the guitar; where he aligns them to create a melody.

Rahul completed his Masters in Management of Technology from NYU in May 2017. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering in information Technology in 2015.