TiE New York Angels

TiE New York Angels is a part of the  TiE Global Angels Alliance (TGAA). The local angel investment network empowers startups in early-stage and are seeking Seed or Series A funding. Built with active investors, TiE New York Angels has invested in many startups across New York and partnered in global investments.

Among our many goals, TiE New York aims to:

  • Collaborate with investors across TiE chapters
  • Establish robust deal flow
  • Provide entrepreneurs access to global capital
  • Engage mentors with broad industry backgrounds
  • Promote diversity within the startup community
  • Assist in creation of new TiE chapters and angel groups


Through collaboration and cooperation, TiE New York and TGAA will establish a thriving network of past, present, and future entrepreneurs who support each other through mentorship, funding, and guidance. We seek to improve our communities – both local and global – by leveraging our network wherever possible.

Founders, submit your pitch to TiE Angels!

If you are an investor and would like to learn more about TiE New York Angels, email us at [email protected]

Success Stories

Angel Committee


Manjusha Tipre

Lomesh Shah

Lomesh Shah
Board Member


Jignesh Patel
Board Member

Veera Budhi

Veera Budhi
Board Member


Pankaj Jain
Board Member

To learn more about TiE New York Angels and how you can get involved, email us at [email protected]